Wage replacement is provided by the employer from the 1st to the 14th day of sickness for working days, from the 15th day onwards the state pays sickness benefits.

Amount of wage compensation 2022
The amount an employee will receive from his or her employer for the first 14 days of sick leave is based on the amount of qualifying earnings. To calculate this, it is therefore necessary to know the average hourly earnings for the previous quarter. The hourly rate must then be reduced by the statutory reduction limits:

reduction limit – up to 227,15Kč (calculated on 90%),
reduction limit – up to CZK 340.55 (calculated on 60%),
reduction threshold – up to CZK 681.10 (calculated on the basis of 30%) – average hourly earnings exceeding CZK 681.10 are no longer taken into account.
The hourly wage replacement is then 60% of the reduced average hourly earnings.

Sick pay amount 2022
The amount of sick pay, i.e. the benefits that an employee who is unable to work will receive from the 15th day, is based on the daily assessment base, which is the average gross daily income. This is typically calculated for the last 12 months before the illness. The resulting amount is then reduced using statutory reduction thresholds: